7 Reasons To Visit Sweden

 It’s the home of Abba, Ikea, and Volvo – but is Sweden really worth visiting? Here are just 7 amazing reasons to make this country your next travel destination.

Reasons To Visit Sweden

Impressive lakes

Sweden has some incredible natural wonders, one of the most unique being its lakes. These are popular holiday treats and you’ll find plenty of campsites and log cabins to rent around them. You can hike around, go fishing, or take a boat trip. Sweden’s bathhouses are always worth visiting and are a great place to escape from the chilly weather.

Light Phenomena

Sweden is a great place to see the Northern Lights – March in the north of Sweden is the best place and time to see this natural light phenomenon. Meanwhile, if you visit in summer you may be able to experience the midnight sun in which the sun never truly sets due to the extreme daylight hours, leaving the sky an impressive orange color. These light phenomena could make for some inspiring photography holidays. There are even glass pods that you can stay in so that you can experience these light phenomena from the comfort of your bed.

Rich History

There’s a rich history worth exploring in Sweden dating back millennia. The country has preserved a lot of its history – Stockholm Old Town is a great place to experience some of the medieval architecture as well as see some of the country’s historic landmarks such as Stockholm Palace. The Vasa Museum is also a must-see attraction.

Reasons To Visit Sweden

Buzzing Culture

The Scandinavian country has a buzzing modern culture. It’s the home to various popular music festivals which attract music fans from across Europe. Stockholm Street Festival is also a fun attraction for experiencing the culture and takes place every July.

Winter Sports

Those who love skiing and snowboarding will also enjoy the variety that Sweden has to offer. Some of its most popular resorts are Sälen (in which you pretty much get six resorts in one) and Branäs (one of the easiest resorts to reach). Other winter sports in Sweden include tobogganing and ice skating.

Fantastic Food

Sweden is also home to many great dishes. One of its most iconic is meatballs, served with potatoes, brown sauce, and lingonberry jam. Pickled Herring is also a popular national dish. On top of its great food, Sweden produces many great beverages and is a well-known vodka producer, as well as producing many fine craft ales.

Reasons To Visit Sweden

The Ice Hotel

For a truly unique attraction, it’s also worth staying a night in the world’s first ice hotel located in Sweden, where everything from the walls to the beds is made of ice (don’t worry there’s lots of thick bedding to guarantee a comfortable sleep). The hotel is rebuilt every year with new exhibits so that it’s always a different experience.