Things not to Miss in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, although located in the Horn of Africa is actually a land-locked country. This location boasts ancient monuments, exceptional wildlife, stunning landscapes, a welcoming community of over 100 million people., and many friendly locals.

Although it may not feature on many travellers’ bucket lists, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you fail to visit this extraordinary country at least once in your life. And with so many ways to send money to Africa quickly, there is no need to worry about being without cash in this fascinating country.

Take a look at just some of the things not to miss in Ethiopia below.

Things not to Miss in Ethiopia

Lake Tana

Although Ethiopia is land-locked it does have access to a large body of water in Lake Tana. Lake Tana is Ethiopia’s largest lake; it holds over 50% of the country's fresh water and is the source of the Blue Nile.

With its huge importance to Ethiopia, it is little wonder the area around the lake is also home to countless ancient religious monasteries. The lake also attracts a wide variety of wildlife, making it a great place for nature lovers too.

The Ark of the Covenant

Yes, the same one made infamous by Indiana Jones. However, this one is not located in an unmarked warehouse in America being examined by ‘Top Men’. According to Ethiopians, the actual Ark can be found in Aksum, in the Church of our Lady Mary of Zion. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to actually see the Ark for yourself, then again if you have seen Indiana Jones you may not want to.

Sof Omar Caves

Sof Omar is the longest cave system in Ethiopia and even the whole of Africa. Formed by the Web River, this impressive display of the power of water features rocks up to 20 metres high and can be explored with the help of knowledgeable local guides.

Located in Southern Ethiopia, the cave system is named after Sheikh Sof Omar Ahmed a 12th-century Muslim Leader of took refuge in the caves. As such the place is now an important Islamic Shrine and venerated by Muslims throughout the world.

Things not to Miss in Ethiopia

Omo Valley Tribes

The Omo Valley is home to some of the most decorated tribes in Africa that need to be seen with your own eyes to truly appreciate the details. The tribe folk are adorned with striking white body paint, Leopard spot faces, beads, bracelets, lip rings and believe it or not AK-47 Machine guns, which they now use in place of spears.

Whilst it may not be as safe as Disneyland (tribal life is inherently dangerous), tourists on an official tour of the Omo Valley will generally have nothing to fear and will miss out on some of the world’s most fascinating cultures if they let apprehension hold them back.

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