A holiday on Sylt!

Sylt is an island and well-known holiday destination in northern Germany. First documented in 1141 by the Danish as “Sild” – naming it after a herring – it soon became well known for its unique shape and geological spectacles.

Located approximately 40km west of Flensburg and measuring 99km², Sylt makes up the largest German island in the North Sea. Although an island, Sylt is still accessible from the German mainland through the Hindenburg causeway.

A holiday on Sylt!

With more than 600,000 tourists a year, there are plenty of places to base yourself. What is not to be missed, however, is the experience one can encounter in one of the Sylt holiday homes on the island. Often fitted with low, thatched roofs and visible timber frames on both their interior and exterior, these are without a doubt some of the prettiest holiday homes around, and their traditional, idyllic appearance is usually complemented by a backdrop of the natural world.

Holiday homes are ideal for families or groups who want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. However, that isn’t to say that they’re always too far away from the action. On Sylt, nearly 27,000 inhabitants live in the twelve towns Hörnum, Kampen, List, Rantum, Tinnum, Keitum, Munkmarsch, Archsum, Morsum, Wenningstedt, Braderup, and probably the most famous place on Sylt, Westerland.

Sylt is a holiday destination with a magnetic effect with many holidaymakers returning year upon year. To be fair, it is easy to see why! The western side of the island has over 40km of white, sandy beaches, one-third of the isle is covered by natural sand dunes and Sylt boasts a landscape dominated by large heaths that accommodate 2,500 animal species.

With about 1,750 hours of sunshine per year, Sylt is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. As a potential tourist to Sylt, here are the top five attractions to entice you even further:

White Nights

A night in which it never gets completely dark, these can be found around locations near the Arctic Circle and even on Sylt! Usually around the time of the summer solstice, the untouched landscapes and little pollution give a fantastic aurora. Not to be missed!

Sylt Aquarium

A relatively small aquarium in the town of Westerland, however, the exhibits are very well done. Take the chance to sit around the feeding tank at 1500hrs and watch the fish being fed every day! Fun for all the family, it is easily the highlight of the aquarium visit!

A holiday on Sylt!


The island of Sylt has a total of five lighthouses. Not just for safety purposes, the structures are very aesthetically pleasing and somewhat romantic. Located at the north, center, and south of the island near Hörnum, Kampen, and List respectively, the landmarks are fantastic additions to holiday photos and give a certain ‘radiance’ (excuse the pun) to the island.

Beautiful Beaches

The adjective ‘beautiful’ describes these beaches perfectly. Often recognized as the best in Germany, there are no better places to set your mind free and relax in the clean, refreshing air. With the sea and sky bathed in glorious sun, why not spend a day playing sports on the beach, having a dip in the sea, or unwinding in a “Strandkorb” beach chair?

A holiday on Sylt!

Hidden Nightlife

Definitely not one of the party capitals of Europe, you’d be forgiven for assuming this seaside paradise had little entertainment judging by the average age of the locals. However, in all the towns across the island, there are cheerful places to let your hair down and enjoy a glass of wine or a local German draught beer. For those who want to carry on into the early hours, Club23 has an eclectic mix of music and will give you a good reason to get out and onto the dance floor!

A holiday on Sylt, regardless of whether a family holiday, surfing holiday, activity holiday, or mini-break, will provide personal satisfaction that may well cause you to return year after year!

As the well-known philosopher Goethe mused, “No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves is permanent.” Why not experience all Sylt has to offer, and find out why this quaint island is one of Germany’s main tourist attractions!

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