Berber whiskey: Moroccan green tea with mint

Moroccan green tea with mint

The Berber whiskey or Moroccan green tea is a sign of friendship and tradition. This infusion is very popular and is served throughout the day. Also after every meal.

Moroccans compete to serve the richest mint tea to a visitor. If you visit Morocco, try the tea of several friends and then judge which is the best, your hosts are going to love it.

You should drink a minimum of two or three glasses to avoid offending your host. Moroccan mint tea is a favorite of many for its aroma and smooth, sweet taste.

What is needed to prepare Moroccan mint tea?

  • Medium teapot
  • Moroccan tea glasses
  • Water
  • 1 tablespoon of green tea.
  • Good Fresh Mint
  • White sugar preferably in block (between 10 and 15 medium tablespoons approx. If it is powdered, or better several lumps)

Moroccan green tea with mint

How do you prepare Berber whiskey?

  1. Boil the water alone in a saucepan (with enough water for the kettle and to wash the tea)
  2. Pour the tablespoon of green tea into the teapot.
  3. Pour a little of the boiling water into the kettle (approx. A small glass). Let stand 1 min. approx. without stirring (this is important) and reserve the infusion in a glass. (*)
  4. Wash the tea: Repeat step 3, this time stirring (move the kettle circularly) and discard the remaining water. If the tea is very dirty, the water will come out blackish and with small residues or black deposits, in this case, the washing can be repeated.
  5. Pour the reserved infusion glass into the teapot.
  6. Completely fill the kettle with the good herb.
  7. Pour the sugar over the good grass.
  8. Add boiling water to fill the kettle.
  9. Heat the kettle over low heat (5-10 min. Approx.) Without letting it boil if we want a mild infusion, if we want a denser and more bitter infusion of flavor, let it boil for a while, and try to find the tea to our liking. It is not necessary or should not be removed.
  10. Remove from the fire.
  11. To stir and warm the mixture, pour the tea into a glass and pour it back into the kettle. Repeat this step several times.
  12. Taste the tea. If it is very bitter, add more sugar and stir again according to step 11. If it is weak in flavor, leave the fire a little longer, and go back to step 9.


Moroccan green tea with mint

On this point there are variations, in some recipes found on the internet this first glass of tea is not saved, it is thrown away, or it is passed directly to step 4 of washing the tea. The infusion may thus be less bitter or softer, and the concentration of theine is lowered, and properties and flavor are lost. It depends on taste.

How to serve Moroccan mint tea?

You can Serve the Berber whiskey or Moroccan mint tea the same way we would pour a cider but with more care and without taking the glass by hand to avoid burning ourselves, this enhances the flavor. Never fill the glass so that the guest, who has to take the glass by the edge, does not burn. Sip if it is very hot.