Escaping Life Through Travel and Running Away

Sometimes life either passes us by or gets so hectic and stressful that all we can think about is escape from the daily grind.

escaping life through travel

Furthermore, life should not be about regret. So many people do not take the opportunity to travel while they are young enough to enjoy it. Youth and vitality bring with them a zest for exploring, discovery, and learning. This is not to say that we cannot travel the world properly later in life. Yet it is not the same, when we are young we are not as wise. Our young minds still thirst to see new places and learn about other cultures and languages. To run away, escape from reality, explore our planet, and be free, that is the dream of so many young travelers.

It isn’t just youth though that makes our earlier years better for traveling the world. There is less responsibility in our twenties than at ages fifty and sixty, generally speaking. This kind of freedom all too often evaporates when we finally put down the travel bags and return to normal life.

A Thirst for Adventure and Roaming Free

There is something quite special about feeling so carefree, roaming strange new lands with an inquisitive wanderlust and thirst for learning and adventure. The allure of the unknown, exploring lands so far away from home. The feeling at least in part, that we are complete masters of our own destiny and journey. If only such feelings could be bottled and kept for later years. This apparent need to roam free is a feeling that affects travelers of all ages and has frequently been commented on in mainstream media.

The feeling of being free to escape life and roam unhindered is a magical thing. It is true that at the back of our minds, the specter of returning home may yet haunt us. Yet for now the prospect of returning from our travels seems so distant a prospect and far away.

Of course, all sorts of things can bring extended travel to a screeching halt, running out of money or illness while on the trip for starters. Yet that marvelous feeling of being out there under the night stars, sleeping wherever we can, not necessarily knowing where keeps us going strong.

Where Might the Next Road Ahead Lead?

Wondering just where the next road might lead on the journey. It is easy to see why traveling the world is so popular among the young. Why it is that so many travelers feel the need to escape life and keep running away? Travel site has carried out an depth analysis of this very question in their escapist travel feature that looks at the subject of running away through travel and escapism. The article explores why certain travelers simply get hooked on the travel bug and keep on going, forever reluctant to return home.

Running Away Much Later in Life

Of course, it's not just younger generations who like to roam the world carefree. As expressed above though there is something quite special about how younger travelers get so stuck into exploring our planet. Naturally, travel reaches out to all of us without discriminating as older people get the travel bug also.

In their case though it is more frequently in reaction to a stressful life and job. Older travelers might develop a sudden impulsive desire to simply drop everything and run away from their daily routine. One regret that some middle-aged and older travelers have is a burning sorrow that they did not travel more widely when younger.

One thing is for sure; travel brings out mixed emotions at any age. We can be young inquisitive explorers or wise men and women of the world. It seems there is always a will and a way to begin our journey of discovery. To travel and roam new lands, while quenching a thirst for knowledge with new sights and sounds. Escaping life through travel provides a reason to run away from the rigors of normal life. In some cases, we keep on going and just never look back.

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