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Relax in Style – Mini Cruises

Relax in Style – Mini Cruises

Do you ever get bored of the typical weekend away to the same place you’ve been to dozens of times, whether that’s the standard city break or country retreat?

If you’re struggling to enjoy these anymore then how about you choose a different option, a mini cruise could be the answer to liven up that long weekend off you’ve got coming up.

Going on a cruise doesn’t have to be a 14-night experience that most people think of, mini cruises are the go-to option for people who want a change of scenery but don’t have the luxury of all the time in the world.

There is a whole range of destinations to discover all setting sail from Southampton, how about a cruise that stops at one of the sunniest parts that Britain has to offer, St Peter’s Port Guernsey. Lying just 14 miles off the French coast you’re guaranteed better weather than whatever’s happening in the rest of the UK.

If you fancy seeing a bit of Belgium then why not choose a cruise that stops off in Bruges, with its medieval architecture, cosy cobble lines streets, and UNESCO world heritage site city centre there’s plenty to see for everyone.

Grabbing some real Belgian waffles and sampling the many beers on offer is simply a must for any tourist.

Another destination to choose from is a cruise to Hamburg in Germany; this is a spectacular destination for anyone but especially for culture lovers as Hamburg is home to the Museum Mile.

This consists of 5 major galleries ranging from contemporary art to some classic old masterpieces and everything in between, after taking in the culture you can then relax at the Planten un Blomen.

With its 47 Hectares of lush gardens, ponds, flower arrangements, and greenhouses this is a place you can really switch off, forget about any stresses at home, and relax.

Seeing these amazing destinations would be enough of a reason to jump on a cruise but when you cruise it’s not just what you see or where you go it's how much you enjoy getting there. As you are going to spend a decent amount of time on the ship itself you want to be sure that the journey is as special and relaxing as possible.

You’ll have nothing to worry about when booking your cruise as all the ships have everything you could want to enjoy yourself, just some of what you’ll find are:

  • 24-hour buffet restaurants
  • Comedy and drama productions
  • A choice of swimming pools/spas to unwind in and
  • Full use of the sports areas for the more active guests.

You can enjoy all this while staying in a range of luxurious rooms from cabins to the very best suites with 24-hour room service to cater to your every need.

So with all this in mind the next time you have a few days off coming up why don’t you buck the trend of your regular destination and relax on a mini cruise with style.

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