How to Create the Perfect Mini Break

How to Create the Perfect Mini Break

 Mini breaks are ideal for exploring new cities or just getting a relaxing couple of days away, and with summer well on its way, it may be time to start planning your perfect mini getaway. But don’t worry about being short on time, with the right planning you’ll be able to see and do everything you want to – you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in just 48 hours! 

Choosing the perfect location

When going on a mini break, location is everything. Whether you’re going on an adventure holiday, a relaxing spa break, or a city break; location can make or break the trip. Consider what it is you’re looking for; instant sun perhaps? If so, a short trip to a European city may be in order; the smaller cities are ideal for mini breaks as you can take in everything they have to offer in a short amount of time.  

If history is more your thing, then there is plenty on offer here in the UK. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular and it’s hard to argue with the reasons why. The UK is overflowing with history and heritage; did you know Dorset is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts over 96 miles of stunning coastline? Why not take to the southern coast and take in everything from dramatic coastal walks to vineyard tours or perhaps just park your towel on the beach and laze the day away. 

The right accommodation

When planning your mini break, it’s important to choose the perfect place to call home while you’re visiting. Remember to consider everything you want to achieve from the outset, do you want to stay right in the heart of a city or perhaps be cozied up in Dorset Holiday Cottages from Lyme Bay Holiday overlooking the sea? Choosing the perfect accommodation will go a long way in creating your ideal break. 

Be flexible

Planning is essential, and the more organized you are the more you will be able to do on a mini break, however, you also need to be prepared to stray from the plan if necessary. Time is sacred on such a short trip, so if you plan to do something and it doesn’t work out or you aren’t enjoying it; abandon it and do something else! 

Do the things you love

When you’re going away for a short trip, there is no time for doing things you don’t enjoy. Consider the things that you love and incorporate them into your trip. If you like sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by, then you should do that. Similarly, if you’re a theatre fan why not research local shows before you travel and organize tickets, or perhaps research the best spots for surfing if you’re after an action-packed weekend away. 

Do your research

Specifically, check out the local restaurants ahead of time. It happens all too often; it’s coming up to meal times, and you’re frantically trying to find a nice restaurant but have no idea where to start. The best way to plan is to research before you leave home, find two or three well-reviewed restaurants, and check the menus out so that you already have places in mind when you get there. If you have time it is always a good idea to check the spot out during the day too, and book ahead if they’re popular!

Make the most of it

As mentioned previously, time is sacred on a mini break; so, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make the most of every second! Planning restaurants and activities ahead will relieve some of the pressure and allow you to enjoy your days away to the max, by giving you more time to take in everything your mini break has to offer.