The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

Morocco is a thousand-faceted destination that attracts many travelers every year. Between its cultural heritage of infinite richness, its history, its superb natural sites shared between the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Sahara, and its gastronomy, one can only understand the reasons for such a success. Morocco's appeal is boosted by its beach resorts and beautiful coastline. and it's quality coastline. 

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the entire west coast, the country offers sublime beaches that will adapt to all desires. Family beaches in Agadir, Essaouira, or Saidia, or wilder beaches, offering breathtaking landscapes, such as Legzira beach and its glowing cliffs, or the deserted dragon island and its turquoise lagoon... wherever you are the magic happens! 

The majority of Moroccan beaches are indeed large stretches of fine sand where you come to enjoy a lazy holiday or practice various water activities including surfing or scuba diving. The beaches of Morocco are the image of the country: beautiful and diverse!

    The beaches of Essaouira

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    It's hard to write a top on the most beautiful beaches of Morocco without mentioning the beautiful seaside resort of Essaouira. The enormous bay of Tafedna, a little fishing village about 60 kilometers south of Essaouira, or the bay of Imsouane, which, with its blond sandbanks, is among the most beautiful in the region. 

    And are also the landmark of lovers of water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, etc…

    Dragon Island Beach - Dakhla

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    In the great outdoors of southern Morocco, between the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean, Dragon Island is a desert island whose shape evokes that of a dragon lying flat on its stomach. On this island, almost no trace of life. The place, comparable to the Caribbean islands, is ideal for playing Jack Sparrow (rumless). There are only big dunes and expanses of white sand, as well as a beautiful turquoise lagoon. Many visitors describe the island as a mirage in the open sea or an earthly paradise.

    Dragon Island also lends itself to the practice of water activities such as kite surfing, and sailing or catamaran trips. Keep an eye out, because it is not uncommon to observe... dolphins!.

    The beaches of Nador

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Impossible to select only one, so much the wild beaches of Nador all have, an indisputable charm. This little village in Morocco's northeast boasts a shoreline where Man's hand does not appear to have yet taken hold. Directions to the Cap des Trois Fourches, where the road travels along the side of cliffs and provides a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

     To your cameras! For swimming, you can choose from pretty wild coves, the simple paradise Tcharrana and its turquoise waters, or the beach of Tibouda, and its small fishing village. Finally, the cove of Cala Blanca will delight divers, with its seabed reputed to be among the most beautiful in the kingdom.

    If you still have a little time, embark on the ascent of the lighthouse of Cap of tree forks, the view at the top 360 ° is magical!

    Sidi El Bachir Beach

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Don't worry if the "holiday club" beach ambiance isn't your cup of tea. On the outskirts of Saidia, the beach of Sidi El Bachir and a small cove of white sand still wild, nestled at the foot of vertiginous cliffs. Far from the tourist animation, here you can enjoy a swimming break in the crystal clear water, and also meet the locals.

    Saidia Beach

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Saidia, sometimes known as "the blue pearl," is one of Morocco's most renowned coastal resorts. The city, which is located in the Oriental area, is known for its 14-kilometer-long exquisite sandy beach, clear water with consistently agreeable temperatures, and tourism amenities. 

    Very lively during the summer season, the place is ideal for families and other holidaymakers who come to disconnect and enjoy a 100% lazy holiday.

    Oued Laou Beach – Tetouan

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    The beach of Oued Laou, located forty kilometers north of Tetouan in Morocco, is a favorite of tourists from all over the world and from all four corners of the country.

     With its fine sand and azure blue water, the landscape is simply beautiful. Along the beach, a promenade lined with cafés and restaurants allows you to stroll, while being lulled by the murmur of the waves. What we like here are the authentic side and the relaxing atmosphere.

    The beach of Oued Laou has also been awarded the "Blue Flag" label, a guarantee of the cleanliness of the coast, but also of the quality of the services offered to summer visitors.

    Dalia Beach – Tangier

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Dalia beach, a hidden treasure near to Tangier Med's harbor, is quite popular with locals, particularly families, who come here to enjoy the vast stretch of fine sand and swim in the clear sea. The few colorful fishing boats that pass by from time to time add an undeniable charm to the place. 

    With majestic mountains rising in the background, Dalia Beach is a beautiful natural site, calm and authentic, which must be preserved at all costs!.

    In summer, the beach comes alive more, and several games for children invest the space (trampolines, slides, inflatable structures ...).

    White Beach – Guelmim

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    In the south of Morocco, on the road linking Agadir to Tan-Tan, and facing the Canary Islands, the "Playa Blanca", nicknamed by Spanish sailors, lives up to its name since it is covered with dazzling white sand dunes. 

    Considered the longest and wildest beach in Morocco, stretching over 40 km, it is also the ideal playground for beautiful 4X4 hikes. Between the ocean and Saharan desert, mountains, and oases, the landscapes, worthy of a postcard, are breathtaking!.

    Quemado Beach – Al-Hoceima

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    In the north of Morocco, the city of Al-Hoceima has the advantage of being bordered by the coasts of the Mediterranean and thus has the most beautiful beaches in the country. Among them, the beach of Quemado, dominated by the cliff of the same name, is a must-see spot: in addition to its bay of white sand and crystal clear water, holidaymakers can also enjoy its facilities, including its hotel complex, and the many water activities offered. 

    Stretching over an area of 9000 m², the beach of Quemado has become a very lively place, ideal for families who come to rest and have a good time.

    For those looking for calm and rest, head instead to the Badès beach, a peaceful pebble beach located about 50 km from Al-Hoceima, or cala Iris beach, one of the most beautiful seaside sites in Morocco.

    Oualidia Beach

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Located halfway between Casablanca and Essaouira, Oualidia is a quiet seaside resort popular with families. With its long strip of fine sand stretching for 12 km, the beach is also characterized by a circular lagoon of a deep blue, surrounded on each side by a crescent of blond sand. With family or lovers, you can go there to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the place, bathe in its calm waters, or enjoy a boat ride.

    In order to combine the seaside with the culture, we take advantage of being on-site to visit the salt marshes of the region.

    Legzira Beach– Sidi Ifni

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Ranked among the most beautiful Moroccan beaches, Legzira beach will undoubtedly seduce lovers of idleness, with its sublime golden sand beach, surrounded by majestic cliffs beaten by the waves. But it is when the sun comes to drown in the ocean that the beach reveals its most beautiful colors. Arches of an ocher red dug into the cliff than take on a vermilion hue that shines under the last rays of the day. A natural spectacle that will remain one of your most beautiful memories of Morocco.

    Legzira will also delight surfers, thanks to its regular wave rolls.

    Taghazout Beach – Agadir

    The most beautiful beaches in Morocco

    Agadir is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Morocco, especially because of its huge strips of warm sand that stretch for several kilometers. If you want to escape the many holidaymakers who come to relax on the beach located in the very heart of the city, head to the beach of Taghazout, which is about half an hour's drive from Agadir. Quieter and wilder, this very wide stretch of sand allows you to spread your towel without encroaching on that of the neighbor. Surfing enthusiasts will also be able to indulge in the joys of skiing!.

    During a day in Taghazout, we take the opportunity to discover the picturesque fishing village and taste a good grilled sardine, looking at the ocean.

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