the best two kids- friendly places in Morocco

the best two kids- friendly places in Morocco

 Many people wish to know where they should go with their families while visiting Morocco. Morocco is a fantastic destination for families with children, with plenty of exciting sights to explore for both parents and children.

1) Fes is one of the most kid-friendly cities in Morocco. Fes is one of Morocco's older cities, with a big medina full of delightful scents and brightly colored carpets lining the narrow streets. The shops are crammed along the main streets' margins, and the cheerful store owners will wave as you pass. The medina is a huge metropolis with many streets that twist and turn through it. If you took a tour, the guide would take you and your children down to the medina and show you the weavers who make the colorful scarves and bed covers. The proprietors will demonstrate how to knot scarves in various Moroccan fashions. If your children want to, they can be charming models.

The guide will surely take you to the spice shop, where your family will be giggling and enjoying the wonderful fragrances and traditional Arab treatments, especially if you have girls. You will visit the well-known tanneries after some time on the tour. You and your family will learn how the famous Moroccan leather is manufactured and colored while holding fresh mint to your nose. You will also get the opportunity to visit the many carpet shops, brass shops, and pottery shops on your trip, where you and your children will be handled with care. Many times, the children have been given a small gift as a thank you for coming.

the best two kids- friendly places in Morocco

2) The Sahara Desert is another fantastic area to visit while in Morocco. This is a great destination for children aged 3 to 18! You and your family will be taken on an exciting 4x4 ride. You'll be brought to a Kasbah (walled hotel) and shown to your air-conditioned rooms after riding across no man's land. Most Kasbahs include pools, which are a lot of fun in the desert because it is always swimming weather. You'll see the massive golden dunes in the distance when you arrive at the Kasbah, but you'll have no idea how close you are. After you've settled up, stroll out into the lobby and you'll notice the dunes are right outside the rear door.

Because there are so many things to do, the dunes are a great area for kids. Your toddler can roll down the soft sand if they are little. If they're older, they'll love sandboarding down the dunes or performing crazy acrobatics off the side of the dunes because it's difficult to get wounded in the sand. The camel trek, in which you and your family ride camels to a desert oasis, is a fantastic family activity. You'll spend the night in Berber tents under the stars in the desert.

To your right will be the Sahara's largest dune, which you can choose to climb or not.

Morocco is a fantastic destination to visit, and there are many more places you might visit. All of these will provide you with lifelong memories!

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