Salient Tips when Eating out on Holidays

Tourists on holiday should pay attention to the foods that they eat when on a vacation. Research the local fare that is offered by the host country before you land there and know the reactions of the hosts when food is offered.

Here are some guidelines that I have listed to help your stomach digest the next meal when you are on holiday:

The pizza in Italy tastes very different from the one you may eat at Argentina or Dominos. I always check with the locals to know more about their traditional dishes and sample them at any given opportunity. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Bottled water is dished out differently in various countries. In America, you may get water and ice straight from the tap when you order water in a restaurant unless you specifically ask for sparkling water. You could get bottled water with or without ice in other countries where you may have to pay for it.

I personally recommend that you eat small portions of food when you are in a different country. In America, one portion normally feeds two to three people. Normally in most countries, the portions are small. The host may want to stuff you with their hospitality. Keep room for dessert and sample the delicacies.

I always carry a few snacks with me when traveling. You may land up at a place where shops are closed for a siesta during mid-day. This happened to us when we landed in Argentina and we were fortunate as we carried a few snacks with us.

Pepto is my faithful companion when I go on holiday to different destinations. When you are not used to certain spices in the food, you could end up with stomach rumbles and upsets. Pepto brings relief and helps you take that flight or bus trip in time!

The best way to politely decline certain foods is to inform your hosts that you are allergic to the same. I do not eat pork and rather than offend my host, I use the excuse that I am allergic to any pig products.

In my opinion, we always link certain places we visited with the memories of the food or drink we had in that particular destination. I remember especially the amazing beef that I ate in Brazil and the gelato that was to die for in Rome!

I always make it a point to sample the foods and sweets in any country I visit. Make sure you inform your hosts in advance of the foods that you do not eat. Eat small portions to sample more varieties.
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