How to Spend your 2 Weeks in Sri Lanka – Enjoy every Minute of your Stay

Sri Lanka offers an amazing experience for those wishing to tour the South Asia region. For those who have been to Sri Lanka, you will definitely agree that it is not a country you will want to tour in one week. At least 14 days will be a better experience as you have plenty of time for sightseeing.

Purchasing a travel package from tour package companies to ensure you enjoy the great landscape of Sri Lanka. Here are the top destinations to visit in Sri Lanka over a two-week trip.

Day One-Two: Hiking at Little Adams Peak

If you want to enjoy the best sites within a shorter hiking period, then Little Adams peak is the perfect trekking destination. You will experience unforgettable sightseeing while watching the sunset.

Day Three-Four: Enjoy Riding on the Train from Ella to Kandy

A ride from Ella to Kandy will present you with the most scenic and epic train trips. This is one of the most beautiful train rides you will enjoy in Asia. It is a 5-hour trip and doesn’t cost too much.

You just need to arrive at the train station and you can buy the cheapest ticket and walk in. you can choose your preferred sitting position. You have the freedom to walk around carriages and speak to people.

Day Five-Six: Trekking Through Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka is home to the world’s best Lipton Tea. Trekking through the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya, you will have the opportunity to see where the best Lipton tea comes from.

Don’t be surprised when you find a 60-year-old man walking with you through the steep mountains of the plantation. There is a lot to learn about tea growing and plucking through to processing and also brewing the best tea.

Day Seven-Eight: Kaudulla National Park Safari

Sri Lanka is a good destination when it comes to Safari, there are several national parks to visit and you will have a great experience. One of the most amazing national parks in Sri Lanka is Kaudulla National Park.

A day is never enough, so it is recommended that you take two to three days to cruise through the jungle. You will see various bird species, monkeys, and other wild animals including the famous Elephants of Sri Lanka.

Day Nine – Ten: Watch the Sunset at the famous Rope Swing in Dalawella.

Nightlife is always an amazing experience in many parts of the world including Sri Lanka. The Palm tree rope swing that is located at Dalawella beach has become a famous destination in Sri Lanka, especially for a fun-filled afternoon through to the sunset in the late evening.

You will have a good photo opportunity as the sun sets.

Day Eleven-Twelve: Surfing at South Coast

Hikkaduwa is a famous destination along the Sri Lanka South Coast and this is a result of the amazing experience it offers the surfers.

Around the beach, you get to experience a searing sun and warm ocean water making endless waves.

Day Thirteen-Fourteen: Enjoy Seafood along the Beach Restaurants

The final day of your two weeks tour of Sri Lanka is a good opportunity for sharing meals with the locals as you learn more about their culture. Enjoy the delicious seafood including the Jaffna Crab Curry which is regarded as the best in the world.

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