5 Must-See Attractions of Chile

The South American country of Chile is one that never fails to impress visitors, especially those who love awe-inspiring natural scenery. Add to that the warmth and sense of fun of the friendly Chilean people, and you have the perfect recipe for a great time. Chile has visitor attractions throughout the country, and the following are just a few of the many great sights and locations awaiting any visitors.

Santiago Bus Tour

The capital of Chile, Santiago, is an interesting city full of South American charm and excitement. It would take a lifetime to explore the whole city, but you can always take a guided tour by bus to get an initial overview. There are several companies, such as Viator, that arrange tours around the city lasting around three hours, and which include commentary by English-speaking guides. They will take you to see amazing panoramic views of the city from high vantage points and also to other places of interest within the city.

Parque de las Esculturas

Located at Av. Santa Maria in Santiago, this small park, called Sculpture Park in English, is an open-air art gallery and picnic area. There are some very attractive and interesting works of art including sculptures and paintings by Chilean and international artists placed all around the park. It’s a very relaxing place for a picnic and a very inspiring place to stroll around among the many works of art. Best of all, it’s completely free. In summer, various events are often held here, such as special exhibitions or music concerts.

El Tatio Geysers

Located in San Pedro de Atacama, this area is surrounded by volcanoes and filled with over 80 active geysers. It’s the very strange and almost alien landscape that attracts people here. For the less-nervous traveler, it’s a fantastic area to explore provided you don’t get too close to any of the activities and that you watch where you’re walking. Keep to firm ground, and make sure your cheap travel insurance is up to date.

Parque Nacional Alerce Andino

Located in Puerto Montt, this national park is well worth a visit for nature lovers. Stroll at your leisure by waterfalls and the impressive Petrohue Rapids and take in the breathtaking sight of snow-capped Osorno Volcano in the distance. Keep in mind that this is a temperate rainforest, so dress accordingly before setting off to explore the wonderful natural surroundings of this area.

Santa Cruz and Colchagua

Santa Cruz is a great place to stay. It has good accommodation options with all the modern amenities. It’s also well-known for its interesting museums and colonial architecture.

Whenever you choose to visit Chile, and wherever you choose to visit within the country, you’re bound to be enriched by the experience of a visit to this fascinating country. Memories of its natural beauty, exciting cities, and welcoming people will stay with you for a lifetime.
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