Savor the Flavor: 9 Traditional Mexican Food Dishes to Try

Mexico’s colorful culture, inviting climate, and pristine beaches make it a beautiful and popular vacation spot. What sets Mexico apart is its fresh and flavorful cuisine!
Everyone who visits Mexico will agree you must try the traditional Mexican food.

 Authentic traditional Mexican food boasts rich flavors, fresh ingredients, spicy sauces, and juicy meats. You’ll find everything from street tacos to full sit-down meals.

You’re sure to find a dish you’ll love! Traditional Mexican food includes everything from well-known tacos and enchiladas to mole and Sopa Seca.

Whether you’re a foodie, vacation lover, or enjoy cooking new recipes, you must try these 9 traditional Mexican food dishes!

1. Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al pastor translates to “in the style of the shepherd.” The appearance of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants in Mexico around the 1920s brought Tacos al Pastor into existence.

Thinly cut pork sliced from a spit wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. It’s accompanied by coriander, onions, and pineapple adding a splash of sweet and tangy zip.

2. Tostadas

These toasted tortillas fried to crispy perfection are a tasty delight. Top them with your favorite beans, fruits, vegetables, or meats.

Tostadas are a traditional Mexican food you can find all over Mexico. You will find the most popular toppings are refried beans or frijoles, cheeses, seafood, fresh ceviche, acidic fruits, and meats. Enjoy your tostadas solo or customize them with your favorite toppings.

3. Enchiladas

Your tastebuds will travel back to the times of the Maya with this traditional Mexican food. Enchiladas are traditionally made with fresh seafood wrapped in corned tortillas.

Today, you will find enchiladas stuffed with seasoned meats, cheeses, beans, seafood, and vegetables. Top them with cheese, frijoles, or salsas while you enjoy them at any time of the day.

4. Guacamole

This traditional Mexican food has become a staple in Tex-Mex cuisine throughout the United States. Did you know the Aztecs in the 16th century enjoyed this delicious dip, too?

When traveling in Mexico, you’ll find this side made with avocados, onions, lime juice, tomatoes, chili peppers, and sometimes garlic.

5. Mole, a Traditional Mexican Food

Mole is the most ingredient-rich traditional Mexican food on the list, but your tastebuds will love this sweet and salty sauce.

Mole is made from chili peppers, Mexican chocolate, garlic, and 17 or more other ingredients ranging from cinnamon and raisins to tomatoes and pumpkin seeds.

 Keep a mole recipe and tips on hand with creative recipe cards for you to use and share.

Top roasted chicken, burritos, nachos, vegetables, tortillas, or any of your favorite Mexican foods with this savory sauce.

6. Traditional Mexican Elote

Eating traditional elote is like letting your tastebuds explore the evolution of corn over 1000s of years. Domesticated and cultivated in Central America, elote, or grilled Mexican corn on the cob, is a truly traditional Mexican food.

Elote is boiled or grilled corn served on the cob or in a bowl topped with salt, mayonnaise, lime, chili powder, cheese, butter, sour cream, and cilantro.

7. Chilaquiles

When in Mexico, start your day off with protein-packed traditional Mexican food. Chilaquiles are lightly fried tortillas topped with eggs, salsa, cheese, shredded chicken, and frijoles.

Find chilaquiles in many Mexican restaurants or easily make them on your own.

8. Sopa Seca

Meaning “dry soup,” Sopa Seca is a flavorful mix of fideo, thin pasta noodles, tomato sauce, garlic, cheese, and chilis. The noodles absorb the liquid making it a casserole-like dish.

You can find this traditional Mexican food made with thin noodles or Mexican rice. Try it in Mexico or spice up tonight’s dinner with Sopa Seca.

9. Pambazos, a Mexican Street Food

You must give this unique fried Mexican sandwich a try. Pambazos are soft round rolls filled with potatoes, chilis, fresh chorizo, garlic, onion, and cheese. They’re fried and doused with salsa.

When traveling in Mexico, this traditional Mexican street food is a must for everyone to try.

Now Go Explore!

There’s no better way to savor the flavors of traditional Mexican food than by traveling to Mexico. Experience Mexico’s history and culture through its authentic foods.

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