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Why to Take your Family to Croatia on Holidays

Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula is one of those parts of the world that isn’t how you expect – in fact, it looks like a mixture of Spain and Italy with its terracotta roofs and amazing sun. It’s the perfect place for a family to get away to, thanks to its tree-lined coast and deep blue sea and there are numerous reasons to take a trip there if you’ve not decided on a place to go for your holiday yet.

Istria has always been well known for its olives and its wine, as well as its white truffles and wide selection of sea fish. In addition, its proximity to Italy means there’s plenty of child-friendly food too – pasta, pizza, and ice cream are abundant in the area.

People from the area also have a good grasp of English and the language is taught in schools these days also. In addition, it’s a very affordable part of Europe to take a trip to and there are plenty of great places to stay on a trip to the area. So, here are a few things to do when visiting the country.

Northern Istria

This area of the country is close to Slovenia and is an astonishingly pretty part of the country. Known for its brandy-flavored honey, mistletoe, and herbs, there are also plenty of activities to take part in. From horse riding across trekking, to hang gliding, paragliding, walking, cycling, and horse riding – there’s plenty to do in the area. Buzets, one of the local towns is worth a visit based on its beauty alone, while Hum is a town with its own mayor though it has a population of 20 people. Truffle hunting and a range of other activities are available in the area too.


Situated on the coast and within short reach of thousands of islands, Porec is a beautiful town to visit. With over 20 beaches in and around the town, all of which have Blue Flags, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There is a wide range of great cafes in the area, as well as boating activities and some great hotels – such as Maistra hotels in Croatia.

The town itself is also beautiful and pedestrianized so it’s safe for little ones. The sixth-century basilica is certainly worth visiting and a real treat for mam and Dad. Funtana, a local town is certainly a great place for children to visit, and it's Dino Park great for overactive imaginations. Filled with giant replicas of dinosaurs it will keep the kids entertained for a few hours.


Pula is positioned further south than Porec and this beautiful fishing village is a great place to stay. Its eco-art center Eia is a must-visit place in the area and showcases how the local people and land live in harmony.

Fazana is another local must-visit and its brightly painted homes are worth visiting there are plenty of family-friendly resorts in proximity, as well as boat trips to the Brijuni National Park – which boasts a range of wild animals and a long history too.

Though we’ve only touched on the tip of what makes Istria wonderful, it’s a fantastic place that’s family-friendly and has a lot on offer – so why not take a trip with your family and see its wonders for yourself.

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