8 Things to Avoid When Visiting Ireland

There are a lot of articles on the web guiding tourists as they plan their Ireland trip. However, most focus on what they should do. Surely, are there things that shouldn’t be done in Ireland? Certainly yes. That said, below is a guide on 8 things you should avoid when visiting Ireland.

1. Don’t spend much time in Dublin

Most people fly to Dublin where they spend a lot of time with few exceptions of sneaking into nearby towns of Bray and Howth. Well, if you ask the native Irish people, they will advise you not to spend much time here.

If you are on a one-day trip, this makes sense. However, for more than a one-day visit, explore other inexpensive towns that will save on your budget. Galway Tour Company consults you to save your money.

2. Drive on the left

Tourists are involved in major highway traffic accidents every year. Such accidents happen simply because of driving on the wrong side of the road. When in Ireland, always drive on the left. Pedestrians, on the other hand, should take caution when they step into the road as they might be hit from the right.

3. Avoid drinking in public places

Unlike other western countries, drinking in public parks, beaches, and other public areas is prohibited in Ireland. Therefore, don’t risk paying hefty fines that may come about due to your ignorance. Besides, be watchful, and you will see signposts showing areas where drinking alcohol is prohibited. Similarly, alcohol drinking is limited to those above 18 years only.

4. Don’t forget to throw your round in

If you are in a pub in any town around Ireland, the system of drinking is very simple. If you are a group of four, person A throws the first round followed by B, C comes third, and person D follows. All you need to do is observe this rule to avoid being marked as mean or a stingy foreigner.

5. Don’t compare endlessly

Nobody argues that Germany’s autobahn is the best, or the cuisine in France is epic. Similarly, the sun is bright in Australia. However, you are in Ireland. Enjoy as it comes. Don’t walk around comparing what you experience here to other places. You will be boring your group.

6. Don’t expect the comfort of your home in an Irish setting

A common mistake most tourists have is thinking they will find the comfort of their homes during their trips. Well, sorry if you expected that. Ireland is a new country with varying local foods, currencies, and drinks.

To be happy and enjoy the trip, don’t expect to find anything you have back at home.

7. Don’t expect a mythical place

Most visitors expect to see what can only be imagined in their dreams. Ireland, though being a modern country, has its own historical roots. Expect some traffic jams, industrial estates, and pollution just like it is in your country.

8. Don’t be in a hurry

If you really want to explore Ireland, you should be on a hurried trip. Take your time to witness Ireland beyond common tourist attractions and traps common with tourism agencies.

You could be planning for a lot during your trip. However, do you know what to avoid? Well, hopefully, the guide above gives you some insights on some things to avoid through Dublin Tour Company.

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