Top 12 Places to Visit in Moscow

Russia’s 860-year-old capital, Moscow is epic in every sense of the word. This one city alone makes it well worth applying for a Russian tourist visa.

Bursting with history and with a culture of its own, even a brief visit to Moscow is an unforgettable experience. Best of all, Russian visa application processes have been significantly streamlined and simplified over recent years.

So if you’re setting your sights on an eastern odyssey this year, here are the 12 must-see attractions to check out while exploring Moscow:

Top 12 Places to Visit in Moscow

1. Red Square

Perhaps the single most iconic open space in the city is positioned right outside the walls of the Kremlin at the very heart of Moscow. Also within a stone’s throw of other major attractions such as Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, Gum, State Museum, Alexander Garden, and Kazan Cathedral.

2. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Speaking of which, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most photographed and generally treasured churches in the world. It’s a fantasy gingerbread-house design and construction dating all the way back to 1555.

3. Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin itself is an imposing fortified complex in the city centre, which is of course the HQ of the Russian government. Surprisingly, much of its enormous 27-hectare area is open to tourists for exploration.

4. GUM

If you’re in need of a spot for retail therapy, GUM is a contender for the finest shopping mall in Russia. Be prepared to be blown away by the most magnificent interiors and lavish décor imaginable.

5. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Completed as recently as 1997, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a simply awe-inspiring structure that has to be seen to be believed.

6. Bolshoi Theatre

One of the most famous (and largest) opera and ballet theatres in the world, the Bolshoi Theatre is a cultural treasure the whole of Russia is fiercely proud of.  If you have the opportunity to take in a show, don’t pass it up!

7. Ostankino Tower

The striking Ostankino Tower is Europe’s largest free-standing structure, topping out at an impressive 540 metres. There’s an observation deck at 340 metres that commands incredible panoramic views.

8. Tretyakov Gallery

One of the dozens of incredible museums worth checking out in Moscow, the Tretyakov Gallery is perhaps the most spectacular. 62 rooms house more than 100,000 works of art, dating all the way back to the 10th century.

9. Gorky Park

Also referred to more clumsily as the Central Park of Rest and Culture, Gorky Park is a beautiful open space on the banks of the Moscow River and the perfect place to enjoy the best of the weather.

10. Pushkin Museum

If you only have time to check out a couple of museums, make sure the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art is one of them. The only thing more impressive than its collection of 700,000 works of art is the building in which they are housed.

11. Peter the Great Statue

The statue of Peter the Great was officially unveiled in 1997 on the 850th anniversary of the city. This impressive monument measures 98 metres in height, making it the tallest monument in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

12. Planetarium

Last but not least, Moscow’s Planetarium is a firm favourite among repeat visitors and for a very good reason. Along with being a fascinating facility in its own right, it’s also right on the doorstep of Moscow Zoo – also worth checking out during your visit.

If you need Russian visa support and advice ahead of your visit, organise a consultation at the earliest possible date to avoid complications further down the line.