Medical Tourism in Turkey: Affordable Excellence

Medical Tourism in Turkey

When in Turkey, the sheer magnificence of cultural history and natural beauty will entice you to no end. Unsurprisingly, the country is a beacon of energy for weary souls. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which attracts millions of people every year for summer vacations or cultural trips. It’s even a hub for medical tourism, where you can travel outside of your country to get medical treatment.

Medical tourism has been particularly favored due to reasons of costs and superior quality. In countries such as the UK and US expensive facilities and procedures are sometimes twice the cost than anywhere else, which has given medical tourism the opportunity for such vast growth. Longevita is a medical travel group registered in both Turkey and the UK that offers some of the best medical facilities, state-of-the-art medical technology, and highly accredited doctors for various procedures.

With the Turkish government subsidizing the cost, you can get yourself plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry procedure at some of the best prices. However, these are the three things you should know about medical tourism:

Health Services are Affordable

When it is said that Turkish healthcare is cheaper, it in no way implies that the standard or quality is abysmal. In fact, many Turkish hospitals are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) which ensures that all operations or surgeries take place in nothing but the highest caliber.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

It’s no wonder then that people from Germany, Russia, the Middle East, Latin America, and many other countries across Europe come to Turkey. The government is making sure that the new hospitals are established with nothing but the best technical and medical infrastructure, employing expert professionals in their respective fields. Despite that, the cost of operation theatres, surgeons, and other staff facilities is cheaper there.

Another thing that sets Turkey apart when it comes to medical tourism is that it is cheaper because of the exchange rate. A Turkish Lira equals 0.034 British pounds, 0.042 US dollars, and 0.039 Euros. You’ll be paying much less when using these currencies.

Turkey is Heavenly

It’s not possible that you to go to Turkey and don’t end up indulging and basically soaking yourself up in its historical and contemporary richness. The country is simply beautiful. Many of the medical tourists end up in Istanbul, which is known for being a tourist hotspot for its travel attractions.

The hype around Istanbul is definitely not undeserved. It straddles two continents, unlike most of the cities or even countries in the world. It is a fusion of Asian and European influences due with one part being in Europe and the other part, Anatolia, being in Asia. The Bosphorus Strait, which is known for its cruises, is what bounds the two parts. 

Other than that, Istanbul was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, carrying ancestral relics from different civilizations. It’s a paradise for history buffs. From being at Galata Tower, Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sophia to Rumelihisarı, you’ll feel as if all the days of worries are behind you.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

No Travel Arrangement Worries

Planning your itinerary can involve frantic efforts to juggle everything at once. It can be plain stressful, which is not something anyone looks forward to experiencing before a treatment. Travel arrangements to a foreign country on top of a procedure can cause anxiety.

Here, the medical tourism companies step in to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Your travel will be all arranged. They’ll ask you about the days when you’re available and arrange the journey accordingly. Even private airport transfer services and booking in four to five-star hotels are included in it. So, you’ll be looking forward to not only medical treatment but also a vacation.


The idea of medical tourism is as tempting as it sounds. The industry is growing by the year because it promises affordability and quality to patients. Therefore, you can consider it as an option for any treatment you desire.

Medical Tourism in Turkey


Is Turkey a good place for medical tourism?

Yes, Turkey is an excellent destination for medical tourism. It offers high-quality healthcare services at affordable prices. Turkey has a number of internationally accredited hospitals with the latest medical technologies and skilled doctors.

How much is medical tourism in Turkey?

Medical procedures in Turkey typically cost between 50 to 70% less than in Western countries. For example, a heart bypass surgery may cost around $30,000 in the US but only $10,000 in Turkey. The low cost is due to lower wages and the cost of living in Turkey.

How many medical tourists are in Turkey?

Turkey attracts around 600,000 medical tourists annually. Most patients come from Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Central Asia. The number of medical tourists in Turkey has been growing by over 20% each year.

Where is the best medical tourism?

Some of the top destinations for medical tourism include:

  • Turkey - Affordable, high-quality care. Specializes in cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, etc.
  • Thailand - Popular for cosmetic surgery. Advanced private hospitals and resort-style facilities.
  • India - A major hub for medical tourism. Offers a wide range of procedures at low cost. Has accredited hospitals and skilled doctors.
  • Mexico - Close to the US border. Specializes in cosmetic and bariatric surgery. Savings of up to 80% compared to the US.
  • Costa Rica - Attractive destination in Central America. Offers dental care, cosmetic surgery, and other procedures at 50-70% lower cost.

Why is surgery so cheap in Turkey?

There are several reasons why surgery in Turkey is inexpensive:

  • Lower cost of living and wages: The overall cost of living in Turkey is lower compared to Western nations. Doctors and staff are paid less. These cost savings are passed on to patients.
  • Favorable exchange rates: The Turkish Lira is weaker compared to currencies like USD and Euro. This means your money goes further in Turkey.
  • Competition between hospitals: There is a lot of competition between private hospitals to attract international patients. This helps keep prices affordable.
  • Less bureaucracy: The healthcare system in Turkey is less bureaucratic. This reduces administrative overheads for hospitals and in turn, lowers the cost of treatment.
  • The volume of patients: Hospitals that specialize in medical tourism get a high volume of foreign patients. This allows them to keep prices low due to the economics of scale.

Why is Turkey famous for medical tourism?

Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination for several reasons:

  • High-quality healthcare: Turkey has internationally accredited hospitals with the latest medical equipment and highly skilled doctors. The quality of care is comparable to Western standards.
  • Affordable costs: Treatment in Turkey costs between 50 to 70% less than in the US and UK. This allows patients to get high-quality care at a fraction of the cost.
  • Tourist destination: Turkey is an attractive place to visit, with stunning natural scenery and historic sites. Patients can combine their treatment with a vacation.
  • No waiting lists: There are no long waiting lists for procedures like hip replacements, IVF, or cosmetic surgery. Patients can get treated right away.
  • Specialized centers: Turkey has centers of excellence for procedures like hair transplants, dentistry, oncology, orthopedics, etc. Patients get treated by highly specialized doctors.
  • Cultural experience: Patients get to experience the unique Turkish culture, cuisine, and hospitality. The cultural experience adds to the overall appeal of medical travel to Turkey.



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