Planning a Vacation to Florida with Your Grandkids

Florida is synonymous with family getaways – and it’s the perfect opportunity for grandma to spoil her grandkids with experiences that they will hold close to their hearts forever. From theme parks to sandy, sunny beaches, there is sure never to be a dull moment from the start of the holiday right through to the very end!

Vacation to Florida with Your Grandkids

Are you in the process of putting together a fun-filled itinerary for your Florida family holiday? Here is a quick breakdown of the most unmissable hot spots and activities that kids of all ages will absolutely adore.

Where to stay

You will undoubtedly have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to deciding where to stay when you’re planning Florida family holidays. However, the most beneficial option is sure to be a well-equipped villa. Villas provide you and your grandkids with the luxury and privacy necessary to truly make the most of your time away. No need to fight the crowds in a large hotel or stick to a set schedule. When staying in a villa in Florida, you will have all the flexibility you could ever need.

Theme parks

If Florida is famous for anything, it’s undoubtedly its theme parks. Some of the leading ones include:

  • Walt Disney World Resort: Here, the children will have the opportunity to meet their favorite Disney characters and revel in the awe-inspiring features of the resort everywhere they look.
  • LEGOLAND Florida Resort: Great for kids who can’t get enough of Lego. The resort is now also home to an amazing 4D Theatre.
  • SeaWorld: A real paradise for animal lovers and a great chance for kids to learn a little bit more about the area’s incredible and diverse marine life.
  • Discovery Cove: Adventure is the name of the game at Discovery Cove. Swim with dolphins and stingrays, go diving with the thousands of tropical fish, and just enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Universal Orlando Resort: Full of rides and attractions, the kids simply won’t want to leave.

Vacation to Florida with Your Grandkids

Visit Everglades National Park

Your family holiday would be incomplete without a visit to Everglades National Park, allowing you to re-familiarise your grandkids with the beauty of Mother Nature once they have had their fill of those incredible theme parks. Everglades National Park is the perfect place to start and is nothing less than an international treasure. Keep your eyes peeled at all times, and you might be lucky enough to come across some of the park’s rarest and most elusive creatures including the manatee, American crocodile, and the Florida panther. The park is a World Heritage Site, an International Biosphere Reserve, a Wetland of International Importance, and a specially protected area under the Cartagena Treaty.

You may also want to consider encouraging your grandkids to volunteer at the National Park. It’s a wonderful chance to teach them all about the power of good deeds and how they can play a role in protecting our planet.

Another nature must-see, the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is the ideal spot to spend a bit of quiet time and perhaps savor a picnic under a shady tree. The children will be mesmerized by the beauty of hundreds of colorful birds and butterflies flitting around them. The Conservatory is home to around 50 to 60 butterfly species from all corners of the globe, along with over 20 exotic bird species, all under a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed habitat. You will be quick to realize why these beautiful butterflies have been deemed “the flowers of the sky.” Children under the age of three get in for free, while kids between the ages of 4-12 pay just $8.50 each. Seniors also receive a discount, paying only $9.00 for admission.

Shop at the Bayside Marketplace

This two-story, open-air shopping center is located in downtown Miami, Florida, and provides locals and tourists alike with a great day out. Think live music every day, a seemingly endless choice of foodie-friendly restaurants, and fun-filled family events – never mind a gorgeous view of the waterfront. The restaurants cater to even the fussiest of palates, offering a choice of different cuisines, as well as local favorites.

Obviously, the marketplace also boasts a number of sought-after shops. These shops include those selling kids’ clothing and accessories, electronics, footwear, jewelry, women’s clothing and accessories, health and beauty must-haves, and toys.

Here’s to a memorable trip with your beloved grandchildren! Florida is sure to go down a treat.

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