Three Cruise Tips for First-Timers

Cruise Tips for First-Timers

There is no denying that cruises are the best way to travel to different places. With the luxury surroundings of a modern cruise liner to look after you while you travel between multiple destinations, there are parts of the world that simply need to be experienced via cruise. You haven’t seen the splendor of the Baltic Sea and Arctic Ocean if you haven’t seen it by cruise. This is equally true of the Caribbean, and cruising is also one of the finest ways to experience the countries and cities of the Mediterranean. To help you make the most of a cruise holiday, especially if it’s your first time, here are three tips to keep in mind:

Find out about your Port-of-Calls First

Cruise operators always have their itineraries available before you embark, so take a close look. This will keep you informed as to where you are going and for how long you’ll be there. This lets you book your short excursions and choose your day tips at your leisure. It also means that you can pick any day activities before they become full or sell out. It also lets you prepare for the different destinations you’ll be heading to so you won’t find yourself at a loose end with eight hours to spend on shore.

Cruise Tips for First-Timers

Pack Smart

Packing for a cruising holiday is not necessarily the same as packing for a usual holiday. As you’ll be spending much of your time at sea you don’t want to get caught short, so make sure and pack any necessities as you might not be able to purchase the items you need on the cruise. Make sure and take your vital items on your carry-on luggage as you might not receive your larger luggage in your cabin for a few hours. And remember that while cruise liners a full of entertainment options, there is likely to be some downtime on the high seas, so pack books and electronic gizmos to keep you entertained. This is especially true if you’re traveling with children.

Research the Dress Codes

Another thing to be aware of on a cruise is that there may well be a dress code for dinners and formal nights. The vast majority of cruise lines have dress codes for evenings, so it pays to be prepared because you don’t want to miss dinner!  While the dress codes vary, day wear is usually “resort casual”. Think khakis for men and comfortable dresses for women. While evening wear usually consists of jackets and slacks for men and dresses or pantsuits for women. There may be formal events that require a stricter dress code that may include tuxedos for men and cocktail dresses for women. So, make sure and research what is required for your cruise.

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