Australian Theme Parks: Where to Go and What to Do

luna park melbourn australia

Do you love going to theme parks? Australia may not be home to Disneyland or Universal Studios, but it still has plenty to offer if you enjoy roller coasters, thrill-seeking, live shows, and magical worlds.


In the tropical north that is Queensland, you will find the largest cluster of Australian theme parks. There is Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sea World, Movie World, WhiteWater World and Dreamworld. For this reason, the dedicated theme park lover should consider purchasing a multi-day pass that grants unlimited access to several of these parks in one ticket.

This is also ideal for those who want to target the best days for water play at Wet ‘n’ Wild and White Water World as your days of attendance can be flexible. But which parks to choose?

Movie World is popular with people who enjoy live entertainment as a number of parades and live acts are held throughout the day. Meanwhile, Dreamworld is more about the rides and has an attached water park. Sea World is a marine animal park that also includes rides and Wet ‘n’ Wild is for all things water slides, drops, surfing, and floating. Wet ‘n’ Wild is Australia’s largest water park.


If you head to the southern state of Victoria you’ll find the fully refurbished and reimagined space that is Gumbuya World. In terms of theme parks in Victoria, Gumbuya is the only one that combines themed rides, wildlife adventures, and a brand-new water park. Bonus points for easy parking and a space that offers a relaxing environment that boasts greenery and natural flora.

Other options include the Fairy Park which is an expansive, medieval playground: best suited for youngsters and picnicking. There is also Luna Park in St Kilda for a more compact, urban theme park with an old-school carnival atmosphere.

Western Australia

Out to the west is Australia’s largest state, Western Australia. Although it’s not known for its theme parks, if you’re heading there for the exquisite beaches and laid-back vibes, you’ll want to discover Adventure World in Perth which is a must-do for a theme park devotee.

We like Goliath the giant gyro swing and there’s also the longest and steepest water slide in the world: the Kraken. Kraken’s zero gravity and equivalent of 30 meters of DROPs along the way – it is not for the faint-hearted.

Note: closed for winter

New South Wales, Katoomba

The Blue Mountains are really marvelous there in New South Wales and hidden away in these mountains in Katoomba is the Scenic World, one of Australia’s most unique theme parks.

About a hundred kilometers west of Sydney, Scenic World locates itself as a private, family-owned great attraction for tourists worldwide. They come here and enjoy the whole place for days while living in their car as a complete camp. Though home to only four attractions, Scenic World is also blessed with splendid surroundings.

The four attractions include the Walkway, the Railway, the Skyway, and the Cableway.

Among these, the Walkway comprises a 2.4 km elevated boardwalk elegantly through the centuries-old rainforest.

The Railway, originally constructed as a coal and oil shale mining operation in 1880, has been serving tourists since the closure of the coal mine in 1945. With an incline of 52 degrees containing a distance of 310 meters, the Scenic Railway claims to be the steepest passenger railway.

The Skyway is a cable-driven cabin built originally in 1958 and, after a number of twists, launched as its latest version in November 2017 with a capacity of 72 passengers at a time. It is now 30% more capacious and boastfully offers a free Wi-Fi facility.

The Scenic Cableway is a cable car installed in 2000 with a capacity of 84 passengers. It passes over a 25-meter high tower on the cliff edge and then 510 meters to the Bottom Station located in the Jamison Valley. In short, Scenic World is simply matchless.

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