Sharing Your Holiday Memories At Home

Sharing Your Holiday Memories At Home

Just because your holiday is over doesn’t mean that you need to stop enjoying the memories. We love to fill to home with travel memories to keep the magic of our trips alive…here are some of our top tips!

Go Old School & Create A Photo Scrapbook

polaroid camera
Polaroid camera
Yes, we are all living digitally these days, but you really can’t replace the joy of thumbing through printed photos and reminiscing about the good times that were being had!

Why not use a Polaroid camera to capture beautiful moments as and when they happen – and then place them in your scrapbook alongside trip notes, tickets, and trinkets you have picked up along the way. 

If you would rather not spend time making your own scrapbook, then there are loads of great options online for people to design and order their own printed Photobooks.

Create A Memory Box

If time is tight, and designing/creating Photobooks isn’t an option, then memory boxes might be the way to go. This easy and practical option is a great way to preserve your travel memories (and even souvenirs). Why not get creative and decorate your memory box with travel images on the outside too.

Put Them On The Walls For All To See

Some photos are too special to be kept hidden away in books or boxes, they need pride of place up on the walls. Frames and canvases are great ideas, but you can also turn your pictures into fun alternatives such as coasters, mugs, and magnets.

Recently we decorated S’s bedroom – and her theme of choice was ‘beach vibes’. Thanks to Colorland we were able to make that dream come true, with a stunning canvas above her bed of a sunset beach dip she had in Ibiza last summer.

Ordering was simple – just choose your product and then upload your image and the website pretty much does the rest. The order was shipped promptly, and I must say I was really impressed with the quality once it arrived. I am always apprehensive about the image quality that will be produced when I order large items such as this, but Colorland did not disappoint!