5 Reasons to Visit Melbourne Today

Reasons to Visit Melbourne Today

Come see us in Melbourne, we’d love to have you along, even if you’re not into koalas or spending all day on the beach (thanks to Hollywood stereotypes).

We have excellent coffee, new and old architecture, and some pretty awesome arts and cultural events.

Read on for 5 reasons why you should drop in and say hi.

It’s an All-Seasons City

Full disclosure, this can mean that you literally do experience 4 seasons in one single day, but given this, there’ll always be things to do in any weather.

Indoors you can check out the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) which houses one of the most impressive art collections in the Southern Hemisphere – catering to all ages and tastes.

Outdoors there is beautiful greenery such as the Botanical Gardens or for a different sort of green – the Melbourne Cricket Ground for a day tour.

Reasons to Visit Melbourne Today

Food, Glorious Food

Modern Australian, fusion, Asian, Middle Eastern, and European are all strong influences on the city’s cuisine. There is a growing and strong appreciation for vegetarian and vegan options as many Australians are adopting plant-based diets to keep healthier and slimmer.

Coffee is absolutely top-notch and a daily ritual for people of all ages. However, the art of brunch is perhaps what makes Melbourne unique to many other global cities. Not many other places in the world offer such comprehensive café meals to start your day (and by start we mean 7am to about 2pm).

Theme Parks

We have them and they are awesome. While you need to head slightly further afield, Gumbuya World is perfect for tourists, families and locals recently re-opened after an extensive, multi-million dollar renovation.

The beauty of this theme park is that’s an under 90-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD. It contains rides, Australian animals, picnic, and café areas that are integrated into a natural landscape.

It is not too plastic-y or garish in its design, making it a good destination for people who are put off by the faux-fantasy of painted concrete common to typical theme parks.

BTW don't forget to visit Luna Park too.

Reasons to Visit Melbourne Today


Festival season in Melbourne is basically all year round – it is truly an events city. The number of events also means that there is a true variety of people who are visiting. Whether your jam is culture and the arts, food, architecture, sport, or music – you will find it in Melbourne.

White Night, The Melbourne Night Noodle Market, the International Comedy Festival, International Film Festival, Open House, Melbourne Cup Carnival, Jazz Festival, and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival are just a selection of annual events that the locals attend each year.

Quirky Bars

In Melbourne, you can find yourself in an eclectic mix of bars. From underground places such as The Croft Institute or iconic, high-end establishments like Siglo.

Melbourne also specializes in the rooftop or destination bar: whether it’s in the middle of the river (PonyFish Island), up top (QT Rooftop), or above a building in a refurbished tram (Easey’s).

Mixologists will serve up some might fine cocktails with bespoke, often Australian native ingredients: see 1806, Cookie, or Eau de Vie. Cheers!!

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