Budget Guide to Menorca for Families

A family holiday is a special occasion for everyone to spend some quality time together and build important memories. But it can be less fun for parents if they are worried about money. Treating the kids and constantly paying entrance fees for attractions can easily mount up.

Cheap holidays in Menorca can be easily achieved, however, as all it takes is a little bit of time to seek out those attractions which are free and see where money can be saved without compromising on fun. Here are a few suggestions for keeping the price down while on holiday on this stunning Balearic island.

Es Freginal Park

This park in the center of Mao provides a great place to shelter from the hot Menorcan sun and engage in some family-friendly games, such as football, Frisbee or hide and seek. It has a fantastic array of well-kept flower beds, making for a lovely place to pass some time entirely for free.

Meals can be one of the most expensive parts of a holiday, so taking a picnic at the park can be a good opportunity to take advantage of the weather and cut down on costs. It is easy to pick up some picnic ingredients locally and enjoy them in the great outdoors, not far from the center of activity.

Club Sant Jaime

Instead of heading to the two water parks on the island, you can go to Club Sant Jaime in Son Bou, which also has water slides and a swimming pool to keep the kids entertained. Add to this the wooden maze, which is equipped with water sprinklers and is lots of fun.

It can often be a better option for younger children who might not appreciate all of the rides at the larger water parks, plus under-threes get in for free. Parents may also enjoy the landscaped gardens complete with views of the sea and the surrounding countryside.

The beach

It may sound like an obvious suggestion, but the magnificent beaches on the island are a great attraction and can be enjoyed for free. If you know your children get restless quite quickly then bringing along some cheap equipment for snorkeling, building sandcastles, or playing bat and ball can help to keep them entertained.

Otherwise, head to a part of the coast with plenty to explore, such as the Cales Coves, where there are a number of caves and rock pools. This is a fun activity for children at the age where they are starting to get a bit more independent and like to investigate things for themselves.

Navette de Tudons

For the bargain price of just €2 (£1.73), visitors can go inside this pile of stones, which was once used as a burial chamber as long ago as 1130 BC. It was excavated in 1960 and is remarkably well-preserved and fascinating to explore.

Inside there is an exploration of Neolithic man and how he lived in these parts, making it great for getting kids to think about the past and exciting history buffs too.

Cami de chavalles

It costs nothing to walk some or all of the Cami de chavalles, a bridleway that extends around the entirety of Menorca's coastline. Originally built for sentries in the 17th century. it was kept open throughout the 18th and 19th centuries too.

The route has only just been fully reopened as there were parts that had been closed, but it is a great way to get to know the island and see some of the best views on offer of Menorca's coast.

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