The Frugal Tourist: Money Saving Tips for Enjoying Ibiza

It's amazing, but on an island like Ibiza that seems to encompass every holiday seeker's idea of fun in the sun, one can spend a fortune vacationing on next to nothing at all; surprisingly, even the most frugal vacationers can enjoy a perfectly rich holiday in Ibiza simply by keeping these cost-saving tips in mind. Ibiza boasts many inexpensive things to see and do and, of course, its breathtaking sunsets and beautiful waters come at no extra cost!


Certainly, Ibiza boasts luxury villas, spas, and resorts that are popular with the world's jet-setters. However, to hang your hat in a more budget-friendly fashion, consider inexpensive hotels or modest hostels that offer safe and clean rooms to sleep without any unnecessary frills. After all, to truly experience all the splendor of the island, one should stay in their hotel room as little as possible! It can also be incredibly inexpensive to rent an apartment when traveling with a group of friends or family members. You can book Ibiza holidays from Co-operative Travel and they can provide you with a wide range of inexpensive accommodations for various locations on the island and other tips to vacation inexpensively.


Outdoor enthusiasts love Ibiza because there is so much to see. Exploring the island's various beaches and coves is free and only requires an adventurous spirit and a willingness to be dazzled by Mother Nature. Salinas is a beach famous for its white sands, but the bays and inlets of the island afford plenty of hiking and viewing splendor. Ibiza is also home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites that should not be missed. The Phoenician ruins of Sa Caleta are well worth exploring. Sightseeing around Ibiza town or the island's villages is also a great way to get to know Ibiza without paying much.


Jet ski rentals, ferry rides, boating excursions--shopping around allows you to get some really good deals on these experiences. While there are many inexpensive tours around the various parts of the island, the mountain biking tour is a popular one and perfect for adventurers. On the other hand, strolling through the port with a rich cup of coffee is also a great way to experience life in Ibiza. Other inexpensive experiences include the May Medieval Festival of Ibiza Town; in fact, strolling through the cobble-stoned streets of Dalt Villa (Ibiza Town's World Heritage Site and old quarter) is perfectly free and affords many unforgettable views.


Eating in Ibiza is a delicious experience even when it's affordable! Stroll through the markets and you'll find plenty of delectable and inexpensive foods to try. There are café bars throughout the island and many are situated near the beaches or areas like Ibiza Town where vacationers often stroll. From simple seafood snacks to inexpensive pizzas, there are many venues that provide great food at a reasonable price. Moreover, some of the hotels offer traditional fares at competitive costs. Locals may also be able to steer visitors to inexpensive venues that provide hearty Ibiza meals.


If you've spent next to nothing beachcombing and swimming all day, you may find it refreshing to splurge for cocktails at night! On the other hand, clubs can be quite expensive--even to get in! Look for specials and consider hanging out nearer to the port; these venues are often just as exciting but are much more budget-friendly. The bars are also wonderful for kicking back with tapas and inexpensive beers or delicious Spanish wine.

When traveling to Ibiza, it can help to research the various accommodations, clubs, and restaurants before you get there. By planning your itinerary, you're likely to have fewer expensive surprises! Talk to your travel agent or discuss your plan in a travel forum to obtain tips for vacationing economically in Ibiza.