10 Essential Cancun Travel Tips for a Safe and Fun Vacation

Cancun, Mexico is one of the most beautiful destinations for a vacation and it offers you everything you could possibly need. Prepare, pack, and check out the following ten Cancun travel tips to enjoy the fun and sun.

Pack Extra Sunscreen

young and stunning woman taking advantage of summertime, the beach, and the tropics. A high SPF is even more crucial for you because the sun in Cancun is much more strong than people realize. Bring extra and apply it frequently, especially after strenuous physical activity and going in the water.

Plan On Getting Around By Bus

In Cancun, buses are the cheapest and most efficient ways to travel. Unless you can afford your own limo and driver, get a bus schedule and map out your destinations so that it’s easy for you to hop on and off the local transit system.

Brush Up On Your Espanol

If you don’t already know at least a little Spanish, it’s definitely in your best interest to do so before coming to Cancun. It will help you in the event of an emergency, but it’s also good to know so you can safely mingle with some people and wisely avoid others. Cancun can be a pretty loca (wild) place!

Add Wait Time To Your Itinerary

One of the biggest complaints of tourists traveling to Cancun is that they spent more time waiting than they had expected, which takes away from fun time. Add a few minutes of wait time to every activity you have planned here and that should keep your expectations more realistic.

Save Money With DIY Meals

Rather than spending a lot of money going out to restaurants for every meal, you can whip up breakfast and lunch for your party here and there by doing it yourself. There is a Walmart in Cancun, so you’ll actually feel like you’re shopping (and saving) at home.

Talk To Locals About Special Offers

Expect to be approached by street vendors and other types who make money off tourists. You could either say no thank you (No, pero gracias.) or mention your intended destination. Oftentimes, these vendors have valuable coupons and other specials you can’t find anywhere else.

Cancun pinned on a map of MexicoPrepare For Pesos

Talk to your bank before you leave about converting dollars into pesos. It’s much better to do this before you enter Mexico and you’ll have a good idea of how far your dollar will or won’t be going.

Try Not To Act Too Much Like A Tourist

While this area is one of the most beautiful south of the border, it’s still Mexico and you don’t want to seem too vulnerable. Criminals abound everywhere and if you look like you’re confused and need help, you also look ripe for pocket-picking or some other tourist scam!

Party In Private Or In Moderation

Cancun is a big party town, but be careful not to get carried away. Intoxication will leave you vulnerable in too many ways, so stay sober enough to be safe. You could also party from the privacy and protection of your hotel room.

Leave Your Troubles Behind!

You want your vacation to be fun and fabulous, so make sure you know how to relax. Many people need the first two or three days of their vacation just to unwind and that wastes valuable time. Meditate on the flight down here so that by the time you arrive all you have on your mind is a pleasure.

Be prepared to have the time of your life here, but also be prepared for the inevitable situations a tourist faces when traveling. Use these helpful Cancun travel tips so that nothing stands between you and a sun-soaked, non-stop fiesta!

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