Luxury Family Travel in Morocco: Everything You Need to Know

Luxury Family Travel in Morocco

Morocco is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for luxury family travel. With its exotic culture, stunning landscapes, world-class hospitality, and exciting activities, Morocco offers unforgettable experiences for families seeking a one-of-a-kind vacation. From luxurious resorts to private tours to customized adventures, Morocco has something for every family looking to travel in style.

Why Morocco is Ideal for Luxury Family Travel

There are several reasons why Morocco is an excellent choice for upscale family holidays:

  • Family-friendly culture: Moroccan culture places high importance on family, so traveling families are welcomed wherever they go. The country's innate child-friendliness makes it easy to travel with kids and teens.

  • Variety of experiences: Morocco offers everything from bustling cities and markets to camel treks across the desert dunes to luxury beach resorts. Families can pick and choose activities to suit all interests and ages.

  • World-class service: Morocco is renowned for its warm hospitality and stellar service standards at luxury hotels, restaurants, transportation services, and more. Families can expect red carpet treatment from start to finish.

  • Convenient access: Many major airlines offer direct flights to Morocco from North America and Europe. The proximity makes it easy for families to reach without long flights or layovers.

  • Unique culture: From ornate riads to elaborate feasts, Morocco's alluring culture provides families with opportunities to immerse themselves in new experiences unlike anywhere else in the world.

Types of Luxury Family Travel in Morocco

Luxury Family Resorts

Morocco is home to several award-winning luxury family resorts, many of which have kids' clubs, teen activities, family suites, childcare services, special kids' menus, and more family amenities. These 5-star resorts provide picture-perfect settings for memorable family vacations.

Some top luxury family resorts in Morocco include:

Luxury Family Travel in Morocco

Luxury Family Vacation Packages

For the ultimate in ease and convenience, many luxury tour operators offer all-inclusive, custom-designed family vacation packages to Morocco. These packages bundle accommodation, transportation, activities, meals, and more into a seamless family trip.

Package highlights may include:

  • Lodging at luxury riads and resorts
  • Private airport transfers
  • 4x4 desert excursions
  • Guided tours of markets and medinas
  • Camel rides and sandboarding
  • Berber tent overnight in the Sahara
  • Luxury rail journeys
  • Cultural activities like breadmaking workshops
  • Fully guided or semi-private trips with an option for customization

Luxury Family Tours

For families who want a private, customizable trip, luxury tour operators provide exclusive private family tours across Morocco with the highest standards of service. Knowledgeable guides lead families to key sites while catering the pace, activities, and inclusions to each family's preferences.

Private family tours may incorporate:

  • Sightseeing in iconic cities like Marrakech, Fes, and Chefchaouen
  • Hiking in the Atlas Mountains
  • Surfing lessons on the Atlantic coast
  • Overnight stays in luxury Riad hotels
  • Camel treks in the Sahara Desert
  • Ability to set your own schedule and route
  • Private transportation and guides

Luxury Family Travel in Morocco

Luxury Family Safaris

Morocco provides opportunities for luxury safaris in the desert, allowing families to spot unique wildlife amid spectacular scenery. Luxury camps and nomadic tents in the Sahara or near Merzouga provide lavish accommodations after days spent exploring sand dunes via camelback, 4x4 vehicles, sandboarding, and quad biking.

Saharan safari highlights include:

  • Spotting gazelles, fennec foxes, and other desert wildlife
  • Camel riding at sunrise and sunset
  • Glamping in lavish Berber-style tents
  • Quad biking across sand dunes
  • Sandboarding down enormous dunes
  • Star gazing in the clear desert skies
  • Cultural activities like henna tattooing

Luxury Family Hotels

In cities and towns across Morocco, luxury family hotels provide uber-comfortable accommodations and top-notch amenities to serve traveling families. These hotels have family suites, connecting rooms, kids' clubs, organized activities, pools, and more family-friendly features.

Top luxury family hotels include:

  • La Mamounia (Marrakech) - Iconic palace with kids club and babysitting services.

  • Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa - 5-star hotel with family rooms, kids club, and swimming pools.

  • Kenzi Europa (Tangier) - Seaside hotel with two kids clubs for different ages.

  • Riad Dar Justo (Essaouira) - Intimate luxury riad with babysitting, family suite, and heated pool.

Luxury Family Travel in Morocco

Luxury Family Riads

For intimacy, privacy, and cultural immersion, Morocco's riads (traditional townhomes) offer luxurious family accommodations, often with a private central courtyard. Luxury family riads provide dedicated staff, home-cooked meals, airport transfers, and excursions.

Recommended luxury family riads include:

  • Ksar Char Bagh (Marrakech) - Palatial riad with pool, family suite, and childcare services.

  • Riad Dar Alsaad (Essaouira) - Charming riad with an infinity pool, family room, and private Hammam.

  • Riad Dar Dzahra (Fes) - Elegant restored riad with two family suites and babysitting.

Luxury Family Desert Camps

In the Sahara Desert, luxury camps create oases of comfort for families amid sand dunes and stars. These exclusive camps have lavish, Berber-inspired tents with en-suite bathrooms, as well as activities from quad biking to camel rides.

Top luxury family desert camps:

  • Scarabeo Camp (Merzouga) - Upscale desert camp near Erg Chebbi dunes with family tents.

  • Sahara Sky Luxury Camp (Merzouga) - Solar-powered luxury tents with private bathrooms and family rooms.

  • Luxetrip Sahara Camp (Erg Chegaga) - Glamorous tents with en-suite baths between Foum Zguid and Tinfou dunes.

Major Destinations for Luxury Family Travel


Marrakech is a top luxury family destination with culture, shopping, dining, and resorts. Attractions like Jemaa El Fna Square, Majorelle Gardens, horse carriage rides, tuk-tuk tours, souks, and street performers entertain kids of all ages.


In Fez, families can tour medieval tanneries, mosaic factories, and the sprawling medina, enjoy luxury riad living, and take day trips to the Middle Atlas Mountains. Donkey rides and camel treks add to the cultural immersion.


On Morocco's Atlantic coast, Essaouira has excellent surf and windsurfing for teens, sandcastles, and camel rides on the beach for kids, along with luxury beachfront resorts and riads ideal for families.

Luxury Family Travel in Morocco

Why Luxury Family Travel in Morocco Creates Unforgettable Memories

A luxury family trip to Morocco provides once-in-a-lifetime adventures that families will treasure for years to come. With spectacular landscapes, exciting activities, cultural immersion, and world-class hospitality, Morocco delivers an exotic and exciting vacation that appeals to all ages and brings families closer together.

The mix of experiences from camel trekking Saharan dunes to learning to make couscous provides endless opportunities for families to create shared memories. The stunning photo backdrops throughout Morocco, from the blue-washed city of Chefchaouen to the red sand desert provide memories families can capture.

The warmth of Moroccan culture and genuine family-friendly environment create meaningful cultural connections. From staying in family-run riads to participating in local festivals, families gain exposure to new perspectives.

By traveling in luxury, families can focus on creating memories without being distracted by logistics and discomfort. With luxury guiding every aspect of the trip, families are free to bond while soaking up Morocco's magic.

A luxury family vacation to Morocco offers adventure, comfort, cultural immersion, amazing food, stunning scenery, and countless stories families will tell again and again. There's no better way to share new experiences and strengthen family ties than journeying to Morocco together.

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Luxury Family Vacation in Morocco

Planning an amazing family vacation to Morocco does take some preparation and expert help is recommended. Here are some tips for planning the trip:

  • Work with a luxury tour operator or travel advisor who specializes in family travel to Morocco. They'll handle all logistics seamlessly.

  • Book accommodations that cater to families, like luxury resorts with kids clubs or family-friendly riads.

  • Travel during Morocco's cooler months like March-May or September-November.

  • Hire a private guide to customize and maximize your time.

  • Build in family-friendly activities like hot air balloon rides, cooking classes, and surf lessons.

  • Alternate busy days in cities with relaxing downtime at resorts or beaches.

  • Book a good mix of guided excursions and free time for family adventures.

  • Travel via luxury transport like private air-conditioned vehicles arranged by your tour operator.

  • Consider booking with an operator that plans private air travel within Morocco to maximize time.

  • Discuss any special needs or interests so your travel advisor can customize your itinerary.

With insider expertise and thoughtful pre-trip arrangements, your family can experience Morocco in true luxury and style, enjoying the royal treatment on an unforgettable adventure you'll cherish forever.

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