The Asian Cities You Should Spend Some Time In

The Asian Cities You Should Spend Some Time In

Are you someone who likes to get to know a place? Do you like to make yourself a little home when you’re away from home, with all the creature comforts you could ever need on hand?

Maybe you just like to get to know the local cafe and restaurant owners, and make some connections for life with the locals that work behind the bars you dine at, and listen eagerly as they pass on any juicy gossip every traveler out there would love to know? This is how you pick up on all those foreign phrases your friends think you know effortlessly!

If any of the above sounds a bit like you, then you’re someone who likes a bit of slow and steady travel – the type that sates your wanderlust in a way that backpacking down back roads in a few hours never could. And now’s your chance to set your sights on the far side of the world, and spend some time in Asian cities that you really deserve to spend some time finding your way in and out of!

Of Course, Beijing

The Asian Cities You Should Spend Some Time In

When it comes to famous Asian cities that are worth the salt the tourism industry puts into them, heading over to the capital of China will be a great place for you to start if you’ve never been this far away from home before.

Beijing is a cultural and historical landmark of the world, and you’re going to find all sorts of monuments and bites of days past if you take enough time to visit here. After all, there are some of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall of China just outside the city, all of which are served by your legs and public transport, so you won’t have to shell out thousands to be able to walk along it – it’s a traveler’s dream!

Not only that, but seeing as the Forbidden City has been open to the public since the 20th century, you can spend some time exploring the homes of Emperors and Empresses, and take far too many selfies with the items on display in the Palace Museum.

There’s a lot of difference in architecture around cities like Beijing, with one side of the city being modernized and renovated to fit the times, and the other half still offering traditional hutong districts for you to get a taste of times gone by.

The Hutong parts of the city are where you’ll like to get your nose to the ground and find yourself some wonderful street food and boutique shops and cafes, where the locals offer the most revealing insight into what makes Beijing such a great tourist destination.

Spend a week or more here and you can flit back and forth between the two, and have time to explore what lifestyles you like better!

Don’t Miss Out On Singapore

The Asian Cities You Should Spend Some Time In

Singapore is a city-state, so it counts here! And it really should, considering the amount of towns and villages and sites and monuments on offer for you to settle in and see here.

Singapore is quite big, so you can be sure to find yourself a little slice of paradise if you spend a week or two here, and you’ll find plenty to keep you interested.

There are plenty of inner cities and commercial centers within Singapore itself, and all of them deserve a mention here: places like Sentosa, which is probably going to be your first stop whilst you’re here, have both Universal Studios and nature reserves like Palawan Beach for you to make yourself at home within.

Or you could head North, and walk in and out of the residential development sectors like Punggol – it’s a real change of scenery that you should take on whilst on your travels here, and can show you how Singapore is really marching the lead into the future.

Being exposed to varying cultures like this is one of the biggest bonuses of traveling, so make sure you at least block two days of your two-week or so trip to discover the new roots being put down here!

If you’re a traveler, and you like to take your travel slowly and surely, to make sure you never miss anything, make sure you take your time all across the world! After all, being far away from home requires you to set down some connections, and having a good 14 days or so in places like Beijing and Singapore is really going to reveal the East to you.

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